Александр Петрович Мельников

Репетитор английского языка

    О специалисте

    Experienced  English tutor  with experience as a teacher in linguistic universities and specialized schools for more than 30 years. I spend classes with students of all ages.

    I easily find a common language with both teenagers and adults.

    In the classes I focus on the development of all language skills:

    1. fluent speech ( Speaking )
    2. understanding of oral fluency  (Listening)
    3. reading  (Reading)
    4. written language  (Writing)

    I prepare to work in English-speaking companies and live in the countries of native speakers. I use modern methods and textbooks of Western universities, such as  Cambridge, Oxford  and  Longman, Penguin, MacMillan  and many others. At the same time I use domestic methodological achievements - the best of Moscow and St. Petersburg linguistic institutions, as well as my own development.

    Specialized programs for professionals / specialists:

    • business communication,
    • finance,
    • marketing,
    • management, and so on.
    • I develop programs on individual wishes of students

    I teach English to students of any level.

    I am engaged in the preparation of schoolchildren for the surrender of both Russian final examinations of GIA and USE in English, and also help with preparation for exams in Western universities -  IELTS / TOEFL.

    It is possible to study both on my territory and at the exit to the student.

    I will be happy to answer your questions on the phone number listed above on the site.

    Основная информация
    • Образование
      Воронежский Государственный Университет
    • Опыт работы
      30 лет
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    • Стоимость

    Я принимаю условия Пользовательского соглашения и даю своё согласие Takeup.ru на обработку моей персональной информации на условиях, определенных Политикой конфиденциальности.

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